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Brazil Frozen Chicken cuts is on the tables of consumers in more than 150 countries, in 5 continents. We are the largest exporter of halal frozen chickens since 2016 and contribute towards food safety. High quality feeds are fundamental for our healthy chicken. Our specialist develop balanced recipes for chickens of varying ages containing the full ranges of vitamins, micro-elements and other nutrients. We feed our Chickens with Corn, Wheat, Sunflower, rapeseed and pure water

Quality Standards

Brazil chicken Exporters have introduces integrated food safety management systems, which adhere to the highest international standards. BRC certifications guarantees standardisation of quality safety and operational procedures of our enterprises to ensure the best poultry. Production of Brazilian Chickens is a fully integrated process. This means that we implement quality control at every stage of production.


The Company Slaughters poultry according to Islamic Laws under the permanent control and supervision of representatives of the HALAL Certification and Research centre Adherence to Halal standards prevents any possible contamination or accumulation of harmful substances in chicken meat. This Makes are Chicken suitable for consumption by Muslims and Guarantees the highest quality and safety of our products

Who we are

We don’t make chicken. We make chicken better.

FEA LTDA, as the largest frozen chicken distributor worldwide, acts as a liaison between importers worldwide and frozen chicken producers within Brazil. We do comply with international export laws, and we offer the best quality product, outstanding services and most competitive prices.

Chicken lovers, we have the perfect selection for you.

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We are renowned for being a reliable partner that offers high quality products and brands. We provide a professional service in every aspect of your business, including our packaging, quality control, documentation, logistics and customer service. We offer all of our this service with competitive pricing.

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Why Choose Us

We choose quality and quantity, and vice-versa.

The Brazilian Chicken is on the tables of consumers in more than 150 countries. Brazil is the largest exporter of chicken meat since 2016 and is the third producer, only after USA and China.

Brazil Chicken meat is rich in proteins and essential amino acids. The skinless and boneless chicken breast is the portion that has a greater amount of those substances. Besides that, it is an important source of vitamin B complex and minerals, such as iron, potassium, zinc and magnesium.

Best Quality Product

Note that Product Quality and Customer satisfaction is our priority, So All our products are processed and well inspected by SGS and are all 100% Halal Approved certified

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We are available 24/7 to see that you get the best chicken quality in the market.

Looking for organic and sustainable chicken? Look no further than our shop!

offer Halal certified factory products. Before shipping and loading of our products, we offer inspection by SGS or Bureau De Veritas, Health Certification by the National Authorities and Origin Certification

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